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Avatar: 23493 2011-10-31 20:46:14 -0400

[And The Banned Pla-
yed On

Level 60 Emo Kid

The Delightfully Chaotic

I think domination needs to be fixed and heres a few ideas that will make it better. First of all change the name from domination to altercation which sounds more cool like a term the police use. Second instead of ice cream scoops which makes no sense you should have they player win power pellets, and they dont come in flavors because they are power pellets they come in colors. Each color would represent things that make sense like brown would be for winning incit because incit is a crappy game and crap is brown. Another thing you could have is green power pellets for pwning a bunch of forums all at once because that is sort of enviromentally friendly since you did everything at once and used less power so thats like being green.

Great now we are playing for power pellets and they work the same as scoops so you can spend 4 power pellets on a card. Each card costs 3 power pellets instead of 4. And when you buy them you don’t have a choice you just get one card at random. It’s possible you get nothing but switcheroos after buying 100 in a row and you have no pellets left to switch around anyway, that’s why this is more of an altercation than a domination thing you see.

So the next step is that you dont get medals and they aren’t shaped like trophies. Instead you “get lucky” see its a sex joke but also because this new game is for lucky people to win. And they are horseshoes for most pellets, 4 leaf clovers for favorite pellet, and a pot of gold for the min pellets.

Next step is an all new end game for this end game so when a season ends every tallies up their luckies, and they are put into groups based on lucky counts, so like 0-10 luckies goes in group 1, 11-25 luckies goes into group 2, 26-50 luckies in group 3, etc.

now in these groups they play a special bonus final round of altercation where they spend their luckies on super cards. super cards are 9x9 cards that you can pick one one of 8 possible rows of three. top, middle, bottom, left, middle right, or the two diagonals. depending on what you do, if you get a winner super card you get 2 points and the ability to take away 1 point or 3 luckies from another player. if you get a break even you get 1 point and you cant hurt other players and a loser card you get 0 points and thats it.

so you have a 3/4 chance of getting nothing. you have 1/8 chance of getting 2 points etc.

so now whoever at the end has the most points wins their bracket for the season!!

I think this is more fair because not everyone is going to be able to set aside a whole night to just sit around and watch their scoops or plan ahead of time for streaking and stuff which requires a lot of effort and some planning skills, what this does is it opens dom alter up to anyone who is lucky which could be anyone maybe nobody but i know one thing and thats SOMEBODIES GETTING LUCKY TONIGHT! hahahahah its fun see?

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