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Avatar: 150883 2010-01-24 16:20:22 -0500


Level 69 Troll

you still go on here you old **** just die already

I’m going to have to agree. I kind of miss some of the old INCIT “memes.” Some things are just hilarious with any given picture. Sure, it’s nice to see some original humour in INCIT, but it’s also nice to see people.

INCIT at its best is NOT a sweatshop for original content, but a community of people gathered together to say stupid things about stupid pictures. I’m saying that the humour of the pictures isn’t what makes INCIT fun (when it’s fun). It’s the people with whom you are playing.

I don’t care if a submission’s been used before. Through the voting system the cream will rise to the top in my opinion. And even if it doesn’t, it’s just a silly game. Losing to ****ty subs happens, it’s no big deal.

“It’s about an 11. Please get it out of my bum.” MUST BE RESURRECTED!

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