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Hank Venture

Avatar: 60479 2013-05-29 21:26:41 -0400

Level 69 Permanoob


Dunatis Posted:

Actually I’ve been leveling at the 3 level 35 Buildr Forums at 11-12 threads (Most XP in the game so far as I am aware, and prolly what Nicco was doing, only he didn’t **** around at first like I did expecting everyone else to pbum him) until I was the level of the next Forum and had 12000 ego so I never even used consumables. but I lowered my ego to 6000 for the final battle since it just makes sense (lower would have been better really but oh well.)

Level 57 (I lost a visit due to a bug so one visit away from 58 Log in to see images!) with 199 of the best consumable, and the best Episode 2 gear. This is either going to be an Epic near-win, or an Epic Fail.

LET’S DO THIS THING AND TIE NICCO FOR FASTEST WIN!!! (If you count visits not time cuz some people work and have school and stuff)

I guess the extra levels help. I took over 180,000 damage and 685 moves compared to your 94,000 and 446 moves

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