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Fang Yuan

Avatar: Code (Green)

[Island of Avalon]

Level 64 Hacker

“Phreak of Nature”

Duncecap Posted:

If the forum defence is high, then weaker attacks, (such as flipr), might do 56 or so damage, while the stronger attacks, (such as reveal pbumword), do about 892.

(Estimates TOTALLY not based on weighted averaging with mathematica like some kind of math uber-nerd *shifty eyes*)

I’m pwning mid-40’s forums right now, (At the time of posting, level 38), (Gilded pocket, battlethreadz lamebait, salle de bain du vin, ruin-a-wish), and I’m finding that the high power attacks are, in fact, necessary.

edit: Also, with the new equipment, I never have to worry abut running out of processing power . . . 1700 total. Isn’t that the same with other clbumes, or do hackers just have a lot more equips?

We have a lot more equips because we depend on our hardware to boost our Processing Power. Other clbumes can use upgrade points to boost their secondary stats.

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