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Stumpy Mike

Avatar: 163003 Mon May 11 15:51:29 -0400 2009


Level 69 Hacker

“Trojan Horse Magnum”

My male reproductive organ

An epic poem by Stumpy Mike

Chapter 1 – The Invocation

Hear me, O Muse!

For I would sing a song of male reproductive organlol

to pbum the winter evenings and to share

your holy voice with Pizza Party. They

have challenged us to make great male reproductive organ art:

a contest lengthy and fantastical

and even multimediastical

and hence this poem. A song that I

would sing of my own truly faithful friend –

The Little Man Below – to whom I’ve grown

attached, for all these years he’s never failed

to be where I expect. Through thick and thin

he’s stood by me, a stalwart, eager pal.

Adventurous, and sometimes even known

to be more reckless than a prudent head

would dictate, penetrating foreign realms

(domains of other’s mastery)! And yet

while he has traveled widely through the world

he always seems to keep returning to

the same familiar places. It’s as though

the faces change but not the fundament,

O brave adventurer! Companion in

my boredom, helpful friend to while away

the idle hours, a bud who’s always there

whenever needed, open to a bit

of wrestling now and then. He’s in it for

the long haul, hauling long beyond the scope

of this mere epic. Yea, O Muse, I sing

a song of male reproductive organlol in all its hopes

with dreams of brownie points and lulz and win.

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