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Johnny Mac

Avatar: 37704 2015-08-12 18:57:31 -0400

[Full of SbumSS]

Level 35 Troll

I grant you an bumhole x

I’m not complaining about paying for it cause I have plenty of BP lying around. You all can enjoy being poor.

A couple serious things I’d like to see:

First and the only thing I’d really want for it to be acceptable: Make customizable (or just fixed if that isn’t possible) hotkeys for the rest of the expanded toolbar. I 1-2-1-2, I don’t click-click-click-click, I’ll go ahead and bumume most everyone uses the keyboard as well unless many people say otherwise. We’ve all had discussions on what would be the hotkeys if it were to be expanded. I guess the 30 option set would make it 1 to 0, q to p, and a to ; unless keys further to the right were used.

I’ve heard others wanting to be able to customize what the tabs actually say, so it can be shorter. Isn’t an issue for me, but I’d enjoy renaming the Domination tab “fabulous personry” at the least.

Johnny Mac edited this message on 01/20/2010 8:55PM
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