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Avatar: 125122 2010-01-07 12:47:31 -0500


Level 51 Hacker

“Perl Diva”

man-man Posted:

The closest you can get to fame through Big Brother is if you

a. Win — and that’s short lived fame of the “You might be a trivia question on a panel show a few years from now” kind.

b. Do something depraved live on air — probably a bad plan if you have a “misses” [sic] at home

c. Cause MbumIVE ****ING DRAMA — aka the Jade Goody path to fame.

In other words, you get to be a name people hear, but most sensible people will instinctively hate you before they even meet you because they’re so ****ing sick of hearing your name. After that your life descends into a netherhell where the only people interested in you are ****ty TV makers who want to cash in on whatever little positive recognition people still have for you, or pathetic no-lifers who think knowing you might give them a shot at the same kind of fame somehow.

Then you die of cervical cancer and retroactively become remembered as a saint, but then not remembered at all.

So yeah… if you become famous through Big Brother, you will die of cervical cancer.

Im gong for Plan C, just with a touch more intelligence and a lil less cancer!

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