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Slappy Scrunt

Avatar: 222683 2009-12-11 06:34:46 -0500

Level 1 Re-Re

Aheheheheheheh ahahahahahoooo

Slappy Scrunt Posted:

Hey hey hey!

Me again! Yer ol’ pal, Slappy T. Scrunt, perfesh’nul clown rapist extry-ordinary! Step right up, cuz have I got a contest fer YOU! Ahehehehe hyukhyuk <*;oDX

It’s purty simple…even fer retards like you! G’hyuk! All ya gotta do is…name my next CLOWN PORN! Ahahahahahaha heeeeeeeee

I’m sure yer all familiar with the concept of clown porn by now…ain’tcha? If not…Google it, ya ****chugger! Just come up with a clever clown porn movie title that’ll make me chuckle, guffaw, or otherwise **** my clown pants, and you could win some ka-raaaaaazee loot! :spins bowtie:

Log in to see images! Winner gets 100 BP!

Log in to see images! Top ten entrants get a specialized E-Peen!

Log in to see images! A chance to be force****ed by the clown rapist o’ my choice! <*;oDX

Don’t believe me? I already cleared it with those semensucker admins, ET an’ JB! Log in to see images! Mmmmhahahahaha hooooohoohoo :­pulls bandanna out of bumhole:

Here’s the pitch: Enter as many times as ya want, but make sure to do one entry per post!

Wanna increase yer chances of winning? Then be creative, ****slurp! Come up with a tagline! Name yer clowny porn stars! Write up some dialog! Heck, if you can shoop up a poster, yer a clown shoe-in to be raped by me win this bad boy! :honks male reproductive organ:

Oh yeah…I almost forgot! A-hyuk! Make sure to post in my enjoy Signup List or yer disqualified, male reproductive organnibbler! Ahoohoohahahaha Log in to see images!

Trollin’s allowed, natch! Now go ahead and NAME THAT CLOWN PORN! You got till Sunday, January 17th, 3:00 p.m. server time! Log in to see images!

See ya in the funnypapers, ballgargler! Heheheheeehoohah <*;oDX

Quotin’ fer male reproductive organs! Hehehehahahahaha Log in to see images!

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