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Avatar: harblgar

[Tormenting Evil Kn-
uckles of Satan

Level 37 Troll

“Problem Child IV”

In bed. Sleeping. Seems to be a fairly deep sleep tonight.

woah, I’m having a weird dream. I’m in the white house dressed in a navy blue suit with dark official looking sunglbumes

I’m walking down a long hall way. I look to the side and see my reflection and I don’t look like myself.

I’m nearing the oval office but now I’m hiding behind a big flower pot, **** got intense. Suddenly, the Mission Impossible theme is playing.

I crawl on the wall and onto the ceiling, like Spiderman, before anyone sees me. I crawl forward and find myself above the oval office door

Some guards walk by talking about Mrs. President. Weird, but apparently this isn’t shocking to me. I wait for them to walk farther.

They’re gone. I scratch my balls one last time, I expect death. I drop down and open the big gold encrusted doors to the oval office.

There’s someone sleeping in the chair, its facing outside. I close the doors behind me and walk slowly and cautiously onwards.

I get to the person in the chair, she has a book to her side on maverickism.

She then smirks and bashed me on the head with it! HOLY ****! Sarah Palin?!

I struggle from the floor and blow a dart into her neck, she’s put to sleep.

I lay her down, take off my gloves, search the room and break all cameras and odd devices.

Then I sit on top of her



Pick her nose.

****, she likes it, she’s squirming

I dig in there deep

Eventually pulling my finger out to see a blue goop like substance

I sniff it, it smells like brain. What the poo?

Her face begins to deteriorate, her nose along with it… What the


I’m in shock and disgust. Then I re poke it. Feeling the nice warm blue goop.

I unzip my pants

And change. No. I will not **** MJ’s nose you sick son of a ****. **** off.

My plan has been foiled, they saw me coming. I have to evacuate.

I creek open the door and quickly dart off in another direction. But before I know it, Senator McCain catches me.

first, he rips my face off, it was just a mask. He now knows my identity. He proceeds by saying “Daddy like”

He pins me down with his robot arms and removes his fake dentures. He unzips my pants. Again.

He divulges his sick gums into and around my male reproductive organ, while fingering my nose with his pinky! I WAKE UP! I WAKE UP! ****

Nobody fingers my nose but me.

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