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Steve Perry

Avatar: Skeleton Smoking

Level 10 Troll

“Pain in the ASCII”

Kelp Plankton Posted:

I can’t even get past the KKK forum due to me using all of my Flezz on comsumables, getting very close to actually defeating the forum, and now basically having nothing to work with.

If I had only been able to afford more ego restoratives, I would be able to progress. As it stands I’m going to have to grind for a few days until I level up enough to keep going.

Had to do this last mission too. This game’s fun, but grinding for the sake of grinding is not. I’d really love to see side-missions or something that are doable for some easy Flezz when we’re getting really low. Gamblebot isn’t cutting it for me.

Try this combo of stuff:

Turn 1: Fap

Turn 2: Whippits (buy a bunch of these)

Turn 3: Insult (if you have it – if not, Annoying Text)

Turn 4: Spoil

Turn 5: Repeat as above – EXCEPT IF YOU NEED TO DOWN SOME SMILEPRIN (I like to use the +50 type because it gives me the best mileage)

Basically, I didn’t get anywhere until I grabbed a bunch of whippits and used Fap. You need the defense buff as well as the offense buffs. The heals come as needed. Just a thought. Manage your health well by monitoring your fraction. I haven’t yet had to use a Douchebaggery heal since buying the Heterozygous Tiger. My Ego is 100 and my DB is 63. Hope some of this helped.

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