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Avatar: Skeleton Smoking

Level 69 Troll

“Human Yeast Infection”

I was about to post something whimsical (20 monkeys), an attempt at being clever (if I had just one last wish, I would like a tasty fish), or a reference (The things that I want by Max Payne), but no. And then I made a mistake. I actually thought about what I really want. And then I drew a blank.

I realized that as neat as it was, I didn’t really want a power relationship with other people (and stand tall over them) in the form of money, beauty, knowledge, fame or superpowers. My desires were limited to shallow instant gratification, a video game, a better computer, maybe getting laid. I have trouble choosing gifts for my own birthday.

Maybe other want it to control other people(be worshiped, be liked, get laid) or just for its own sake, I don’t know.

Although, those who wish for infinite knowledge, you’re making a big mistake. Think about it – every day, you will be dealing with idiots. Buffoons who talk out of their bum 24/7/365. How long will it be before you start looking down on everyone? Do you think that being truly alone, with even basic ability to have a meaningful conversation with anyone, is really what you want? But I guess it doesn’t really matter.

Man, thinking about this… had no effect on me at all. I feel indifferent. Pbumive. Being bullied for four years does that to you, so my parents took me to another country. I make friends but I never stick by them. I leave impressions that much better than I remember leaving, or receiving from the other person. Virtually no social life, never really wanted one either. Never had a girlfriend, and I already know I would make a crappy boyfriend – shallow emotional involvement, and I want a girl, any girl, not a specific someone, and that’s a killer for any meaningful relationship. I never felt attracted to anyone. I never loved. I used to.

So I guess that’s my wish. I want to love again.

P.S. Sorry, didn’t mean to do that in a contest.

Psy-4 edited this message on 11/11/2009 2:35AM
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