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Avatar: Crying Painting

Level 69 Emo Kid

I feel pretty! Oh so pretty, and GAY!

infestation, wraith, beard, georgia okeefe, lightning cloud, green chile roaster, painted desert, bear wrestling, bill nye the science guy, hrbt, japanese garden, beaver dam, wolverine animal, shipwreck, oregon coast, bruges belgium, edinburgh skyline, J. R. “Bob” Dobbs, catfish noodling, chicken dance, chateau, house fire, great dismal swamp, mastectomy, angler fish, poppy (field), archery, magic, nessie/loch ness, somali pirates, rock paper scissors (lizard spock), vampire attack, abandoned pennsylvania turnpike, pink dolphin, mosh pit, coke museum, jack the ripper, tardis, belvedere castle, cherry blossom (fest), rene magritte, distillery (still), hops farm, falconry/hawking, drive by, kinaalda, angry wolf, saint patrick’s day parade, bed jump, street fighter ken ryu, railroad, train station, monsoon showers, glory hole, gore, snoop doggy dog, snoopy, juxtapose/juxtaposition, redhat, feminism, coal field, cornflower eyes, thug life, santa’s lap, fisticuffs, firefly/fire fly, gwar, sun dog, fiesta, cheese farm, grape harvest, harvest season, super hero, tomb, sinking car, larp, dung beetle, angel of the north

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