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Avatar: 48966 2011-07-31 19:36:53 -0400

[The Scrotal Safety-

Level 69 Camwhore

Qui est cette chienne

Imagine, you’ve somehow got an appointment to the omnipotent godly Entity. You are teleported to a huge marble lobby. Friendly angelic security guys in white suits issue you a 1-time VIP pbum badge. You pbum through the shiny golden metal detector and meet the Entity, who is willing to make your wish come true. However it’s up to you, either you’d wish something for your own benefit or attempt to enhance the well-being of the whole human civilization.

Make your best wish.

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If I for one would get such opportunity, here’s what I’d wish for:

  • ability to save my memories and lifetime experience after reincarnation (bumuming there is such thing as reincarnation)
  • the invention and worldwide implementation of free public teleportation network instead of those stupid cars and airplanes
  • the small GPS locator for my socks, so I won’t need to search them all over the apartment

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  • Your entries not necessarily need to be unique. I.e. I can imagine lot’s of people would wish for immortality or eternal peace on Earth.
  • You don’t need to elaborate your wish, but your explanation might be interesting as well.
  • Up to 3 wishes per alt (I do realize sometimes it’s hard to fit into one try). One wish is ok too.
  • Your post should be either a wish, or creative idea (see ALTERNATE section) or anything irrelevant if you feel like going for 15 random Log in to see images!

  • Trolling is allowed (if that’s what you want to spend your lifetime chance on).
  • Contest will last until our world becomes a better place to live, or maybe until I get a Flamebate peen.

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Let’s say you’re a highly motivated and conscious person. You might have noticed that I shouldn’t actually spend my submission on a socks GPS locator, because that could be done without any divine intervention, but rather soldering lamp and a couple of wires. So if you have some ideas how to enhance our life without the help of Entity, brilliant inventions or simple rationalization proposal – go ahead and post ITT. These ideas actually have to be unique, you can’t steal ideas already proposed by someone. Alternate submissions are awarded separately and are non-great timesulative with regular wish entries, but are still eligible for 1 BP random draft (check REWARDS section).

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Log in to see images! pool for the most brilliant and unique entries I might pick among the rest.

Log in to see images! and probably would be increased in progress.

Make your wishes, ladies and gentlemen, and good luck.

Inconnu edited this message on 05/11/2010 6:38PM
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