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Shoot The Mo-

Avatar: 50637 Wed Apr 01 23:03:10 -0400 2009

[The Last Stand]

Level 69 Hacker

“Trojan Horse Magnum”

1) Mr. Franklin: Is an avid smoker, who smokes 20 cigs a day.

2) Mrs. Franklin: Swedish white female, age 35, who is a part-time secretary for a large company. Quiet, keeps to herself. Non-practicing Christian Baptist. Is married, has one child.

3)Floyd Franklin: mixed child, age 12, mentally handicapped with a severely debilitating learning disability. – Have to be realistically practical

4) James Vitrono: Italian white male, age 33, a used-car salesman. Outstanding cook; good with kids. Divorced twice, never graduated college. Roman Catholic.

5)Hermann Huntington: white male, age 45, an Englishman and aristocratic-looking doctor who is unmarried. PhD in field; unable to reproduce due to sterility. Cold personality, religion unknown. No real reason to keep (side note – I just voted myself off!)

6) Vanessa Rodriguez: Dominican female, age 21. Ex-child prostitute who now helps women get off the street. Devoted Roman Catholic. Friendly, but slightly overweight.

7) Rick Washington: black male, age 59, civil rights social worker. Non-militant, outgoing and friendly; little experience working with other races due to self-chosen living environment. Practices Islam. Wife is deceased. Having that “self chosen living environment” makes me nervous

8) Mbumaga Linn: Japanese male, age 23, organic food store clerk. Member of green party; above average experience with gardening. Political anarchist and an atheist. Unmarried.

9) Adam Li: Chinese male, age 30, engaged. Quiet personality, is a cook for local oriental restaurant, studying culinary arts. Practices Buddhism faithfully.

10) Susan Cho: Chinese female, age 28, engaged to Adam Li. Slightly snobbish; comes from money. Practices Taoism half-heartedly; is good with children.

11) Amy Youngston: English female, age 17, gothic personality. Raised Roman Catholic, converted to Atheism. Wants to be a clothing designer.

12) Kevin McGall: Irish male, age 46, fanatical white supremacist and military veteran. Sharp, regal, overbearing personality. Decorated for bravery multiple times; religion unkown.

13) Gi’hands Mahtmah: Iranian male, age 30, self-defense instructor. Practices Islam with devotion. Heart trouble in medical background, occasional water pipe smoker. – Heart trouble at young age is a negative

14) Juli Mohammed: Saudi female, age 16. American patriot; vegetarian. Practices Islam half-heartedly.

15) Chelsea Masterson: Serbian female, age 19, prostitute. Drug history in past, along with arrest records. Atheist, no political


16) Bishop Wesslex: German male, age 54, local Diocese Roman Catholic bishop. Powerful and persuasive public speaker; avid studier and lecturer on the Crusades. Vows of chastity and poverty. Hearty constitution and health. – bumuming here that he’s following a vow of chastity

17) Michelle Famtishidd: Indian female, age 25, practicing nurse. Weak immune system, focuses or working out and good looks. Devoted Hindu, single.

18) Mike Preston: French white male, age 39, technology fiend. Loves books and artwork; outstanding computer programmer and gifted intelligence. Left-wing politics and agnostic. Single.

That’s as far as I can get so far, I’d probably exclude the religious Christians next, just to see what the world we be like without that.

Shoot The Moon edited this message on 11/05/2009 12:21AM
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