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Avatar: 150029 2009-09-15 13:35:36 -0400


Level 35 Hacker

Verbose and long-winded as always

1. POLITICS. The answer is simple. FUMIGATE THE DEEP SOUTH. Once you purge the red-state rednecks from the planet, the country would be thrown so far to the left… then QUALIFIED people will start holding office in large numbers. 11years after that… You’d have World Peace. Log in to see images!

Speaking of which… http://www.****

2. RELIGION. Hmmm. My preferred deity is Cthulhu Log in to see images! So… yeah. Wherein religion is concerned, I’ll stick to worshiping Heirloom like a loyal cultist.


3. WEB BROWSER. Hmmm. Well, on the one hand, if Internet Explorer was a woman… she’d be the first woman most of us have ever tried. She’s pretty easy… but would also be prone to get you infected.

FireFox on the other hand… She LOOOOVES to accessorize and claims she’s experimental. She’s lots of fun, and won’t say no to kinky Plug-Ins. She’s hard to get out of your mind, though, and will occupy your memory. Still… go with Firefox.

Alright… that’s my inital post. I want CelerySteve to answer an email for me first before I resume posting. And believe me… I’ve got LOTS of torment and cruelty that, time permitting, I’d love nothing more than to unleash on these wretched fabulous persons and basement dwellers! Log in to see images! MercWithMouth edited this message on 10/27/2009 11:27AM

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