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Avatar: Code (Green)

Level 32 Hacker

“01001000 01000001 01011000”

“I don’t know if 1000 is the magic number, maybe it’s 600? Whatever it is, yes I think that it would even out the game and make it more about strategy (how do you use your scoops) and less about “how can I ‘game’ the system to get the most possible scoops” (It was always my intent for the game to be more about Strategy and less about exploits).

Once this system is in place we can easily focus on more goals (Fibonacci, most destruction, highest natural total [no cards]), better cards or card options (pay 4 for a card, if you don’t like the 3 you got pay 1 to get 3 new choices, pay 6 and choose the card you want) and new themes (themes that aren’t just testing bug fixes, but rather that are actually fun and improve the game)”

From a game design perspective you can go one of two ways with regards to scoops and cards. At present, Domination is heavily a resource gathering game, where those who most efficiently gather scoops will generally be able to medal. These resources are tied closely to and reward various in-game actions. This does have the nice effect of rewarding people who plan and play well, but does have the pistachio streak situation at the highest levels.

The max scoop idea could potentially slam the game in the opposite direction, where resources are trivial to acgreat timesulate and most halfway decent players hit their limit. At that point you’re no longer rewarding resource gathering but making it sort of a side-show to the “real” action.

Perhaps the ideal scenario is to have a situation where at the highest levels resource gathering is trivial but the max is high enough that it’s not readily achievable by anyone actually trying.

Given the current card structure, the actual gameplay of domination isn’t interesting enough if you bumume an even resource base amongst players. It’s kind of like a Dragonball Z battle… a week of building up to a frantic final day of battle. The most interesting things that happen during a week are when someone trolls and burns all their scoops to just attack whoever and throws that week.

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