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AIDS woman's genitals

Avatar: 184403 2009-09-17 04:10:15 -0400

Level 69 Troll

show me your zucchini and I'll show you my cugreat timesber :zak:

PhineasPoe Posted:

Okay, guys, I’m releasing the papers. WeChall’s got us. Here’s the awful mod abuse you guys don’t even realize you suffer from.

WARNING: Way too stupid and TL;DR to read.

Why Merc Got Banned

Part I: Merc Speaks Coloquially:

INCIT-Bot 5000: We need at least 5 submissions before we can begin voting. I’m extending the submission period.


MercWithMouth: PhineasPoe: We gotta talk, bro. That ban shouldnt have been issued.

sillybear25: aww…

Name-: ban?

MercWithMouth: PhineasPoe: I invited him here to take my seat at the table because I was leaving.

INCIT-Bot 5000: We need at least 5 submissions before we can begin voting. I’m extending the submission period.

PhineasPoe: MercWithMouth: What the ****? Is that even a thing?

MercWithMouth: PhineasPoe: He submitted because he saw there was only 4submissions in the queue when he got here.


Name-: who was banned?

Part II: In Which We Learn Who Was Banned:


INCIT-Bot 5000: Hey, it’s time to vote! Remember, if you don’t vote, your entry will be disqualified.

MercWithMouth: PhineasPo Name-: _2Dum2Kno . A damn fine INCIT player and a bona fide bumet to the Forumwarz community.

INCIT-Bot 5000: And the results are in!

PhineasPoe: All right, a few things: 1. This doesn’t involve you at all, Merc. 2. If it’s going to be discussed, he can discuss it with me. 3. It doesn’t need to be talked about here.


MercWithMouth: PhineasPoe: What do you mean by “not even a thing?”

PART III: REAL- Time: Better Than Other Types of Time?


MercWithMouth: PhineasPoe: I’m afraid you’re wrong on count one. But you’re absolutely right on count3. Ergo… we won’t discuss Count1 here.

MercWithMouth: PhineasPoe: Please come with me. I’m asking very respectfully.

MercWithMouth: PhineasPoe:

PhineasPoe: No, Merc. It was a dump sub. He’s been warned and banned before. It’s only a day. And again, most importantly, it doesn’t involve you.

INCIT-Bot 5000: Hey, it’s time to vote! Remember, if you don’t vote, your entry will be disqualified.


MercWithMouth: PhineasPoe: He’s located there. Come talk to him. In REAL-TIME.


MercWithMouth: PhineasPoe: You banned a player for 24hours despite a veteran player vouching for him strongly.


MercWithMouth: PhineasPoe: The least you owe him is talking to him— in real-time.


MercWithMouth: PhineasPoe: Please do not dodge the underlying issue by playing the “I’m the mod here” card.

PhineasPoe: Thanks for breaking the situation that occured five minutes ago down for me, bud.

PhineasPoe: I’m not.

PhineasPoe: I’m playing the “Merc’s not a mod, so it’s none of his business” card.


MercWithMouth: PhineasPoe: Then come talk to him and find a more suitable solution to an outright community ban.

PART V: Spacekadt

spacekadt: MercWithMouth: seriously, stop. veteran players vouching for someone don’t mean crap. PhineasPoe has the admins and other mods behind him. if you want to protest, go make an unban thread in rp


INCIT-Bot 5000: Hey, it’s time to vote! Remember, if you don’t vote, your entry will be disqualified.

PhineasPoe: MercWithMouth: Like what, community service?


spacekadt: MercWithMouth: this is your “mod discretion” warning on this one from someone wholly not involved in whatever just happened

INCIT-Bot 5000: And the results are in!

Name-: durr i maek vote 4 myself out

INCIT-Bot 5000: A new round has begun!

teejayandjon: mai work here, is done.

teejayandjon: *JUMPS OUT A WINDOW*

MercWithMouth: spacekadt: I fail to see how I’m being disruptive. My conduct could be penalized if I was interfering with a mod from bumISTING a player— not from explaining to him a contrary perspective.


PART VI: Merc is a Modern Day Tom Joad:


MercWithMouth: Name-: I’m not even submitting this round.


spacekadt: MercWithMouth: it’s none of your business. PhineasPoe is a mod and in charge of INCIT. bans are at his discretion, not yours. the punishment for breaking rules is well known and PhineasPoe did not overstep that punishment. it’s done. let it go.

Decambray: i love how the chat is totaly based on INCIT atm.

Name-: wait what

MercWithMouth: spacekadt: sorry. call it the nag of the legal profession…

Decambray: i wish this chat would be filled more with talks about b& and stuff… I wonder if lets say… Merc! would like some cheese with his whine.

INCIT-Bot 5000: We need at least 5 submissions before we can begin voting. I’m extending the submission period.

MercWithMouth: spacekadt: but when i see an injustice… no matter how petty…

MercWithMouth: spacekadt: *small

MercWithMouth: spacekadt: i feel an obligation tos peak up.


PART VII: If Merc’s Not Gonna Play Incit, No One Should Play INCIT:


spacekadt: MercWithMouth: it doesn’t concern you. that’s basically the end of the story here.


INCIT-Bot 5000: Hey, it’s time to vote! Remember, if you don’t vote, your entry will be disqualified.

PhineasPoe: Injustice is a heavy word for a 24 hour community ban.

MercWithMouth: spacekadt: as i recall… you imparied your own credibility SEVERELY when you aided-and-abetted raw INCIT vandalism.

INCIT-Bot 5000: And the results are in!

MercWithMouth: PhineasPoe: then come talk to him and hammer out a compromise.

Name-: boated byself out a-****ing-gain

INCIT-Bot 5000: A new round has begun!

spacekadt: MercWithMouth: whether or not that’s true… it’s totally beside the point. PhineasPoe made a call that has the backing of the admins and other mods. it’s out of your hands. if you want to protest, do it in rp, not INCIT


MercWithMouth: Name-: maybe you should just not submit for a while… i’m a bit more agitated about what i’m seeing here than you think.

PART VIII: Everybody Supports Merc:

PhineasPoe: No, you understand how ridiculous you’re being, right?


Decambray: <- Laughs at the whine about a 24 hour ban. perfect occasion to get some RL life.

MercWithMouth: Decambray: well OF COURSE i’m whining. I won’t deny that.

PhineasPoe: Name-: Dude, you can submit whenever you want. Just because Merc’s getting ****y doesn’t mean you can’t play.

MercWithMouth: Decambray: but the due was out of line.

MercWithMouth: *dude

Decambray: The only thing out of line is you going on about it over and over again.

Decambray: IMO.

MercWithMouth: Decambray: That’s right. In your opinion.

MercWithMouth: Decambray: My opinion is the contrary.

Decambray: thats why i said imo I wonder if you couldn’t adress this issue elsewhere since this isn’t the ‘lets talk about bans all the time’-chat


sillybear25: ffs, can you quit arguing and play


Name-: MercWithMouth: wait, is there something wrong with my stuff, or you just ****ed off? i dont get it


MercWithMouth: Name-: lol. the second one, man.

teejayandjon: *Blasts through the roof in a parachut*

INCIT-Bot 5000: And the results are in!

Name-: MercWithMouth: second what

MercWithMouth: Name-: 2dum2kno shouldnt have been banned.


MercWithMouth: Name-: i’m not playing cuz i’m displeased with what i;m seeing.



MercWithMouth: Name-: i was suggesting the same thing for you.

MercWithMouth: teejayandjon: Even so… it MIGHT be better to sit out a few rounds.

Name-: MercWithMouth: sooo i shouldnt submit cause… you don’t like what you see where?

MercWithMouth: Name-: teejayandjon: I’m not submitting because I think the mod played the mod-abuse card. Moreover,

MercWithMouth: Name-: teejayandjon: He won’t sit down with the ‘victim’ to discuss it or try to find a middle-ground.

Name-: MercWithMouth: so you don’t want us to get banned? so far it seems hes cool with me

PhineasPoe: Guys, I think Merc’s trying to call an INCIT strike. INCIT STRIKE, EVERYBODY! IT’S A SIT IN! I’m partial to “We Shall Not Be Moved” so if you guys could sing that one and maybe some Phil Ochs.

MercWithMouth: Name-: teejayandjon: You heard the man.

Decambray: I dunno the lines, else i’d be totaly in.. but i’m not


MercWithMouth:¬all-super-secret-forum Are you happy? Sad? Filled w. RAAAGE? Share on the WeCh¬all Clan Forum! (it’s easier if you click here )

...and banned.

INCIT-Bot 5000 speaks the truth!

Internet Delay Chat
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