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Avatar: 150029 2009-09-15 13:35:36 -0400


Level 35 Hacker

Verbose and long-winded as always

Quan, thanks for the support.

i DID skim through a good portion of the thread.

Needless to say… I was neither surprised that it was the usual retards posting and inflating things as always (I particularly enjoyed the “quote same thing and be done with it” posts)...

Nor that they’ll NEVER pbum-up a chance to use their own time to shower me with attention. Log in to see images!

Bottom-line as to the ‘ban’ itself…

I’m at best reluctant to apologize. I was not breaking any rules nor swearing-off at the mouth.

While I can certainly understand why a mod ought be allowed to work free of interruption when helping out a player…

That simply was not what was taking place at the time. Rather, I was telling a mod why I disagreed with what he did. It was only a week or two ago I remember that Duca and Jalapeno had a very long discussion in INCIT where Duca was VERY LOUDLY disagreeing with Jalapeno’s request for her to layoff the spamming. Duca, as I recall, was not terribly civil during the conversation, nor was she banned for pursuing it with persistence.

Nor should she have been.

After all, on a site where people are free to chant anything from the n-word to ‘mudkips’ to ‘fabulous person’ without relent… why shouldn’t there be room for questioning somebody’s decision-making?



Hey, I appreciate that you thought you were doing your job…

but I still feel pretty strongly you over-reacted.

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