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Avatar: 192622 2009-09-24 16:39:01 -0400


Level 69 Re-Re

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Skyman747 Posted:

I think that if your idea is good, it should acgreat timesulate enough votes by submitting earlier in the week to give you a good advantage over the last-minutes submitters. If you do have to change it, however, I would say this is the best idea.

Outside went from 36 votes to 7 in one hour, whatever advantage you have is going to be ****ed away if people cheat with illegal alts like that. With the weighted vote strategy, even if people use illegal alts to cheat their way toward eroding an incredible lead, they still have to overcome the mbumive numbers of votes a forum like Outside would have won.

When I last saw the current forum’s status, it was at 7 votes. It had only been up for a hour or two, not enough time to acgreat timesulate the 90+ votes that Outside must have had (since AskThieves had 64 upvotes and something like 28 downvotes). With only 7 votes total for the current forum, Outside should have won even if it was at 1 vote by the weighted method, giving it a weighted score of 127.

Though when the situation is THAT BAD the staff should take action, the problem still persists that with simple majority raw scores it is too easy to manipulate.

Shii Posted:

That’s absurd. It’s more accurate to go by percentage; if someone can get 20 or even 8 straight upvotes without a single upvote, it’s probably a lot better of a submission than one that gets nearly as many downvotes as upvotes, regardless of the total number.

I had an avatar submission for AskThieves that had a score of 14 during the second day, without a single downvote. By the forum’s publication the upvotes had climbed to 28 but the raw score was 1, because I had 27 downvotes.

Even if you go by the percentage (which I disagree) it’s still a function of when an idea is submitted. Let’s say Tuesdays are designated downvote days. Anyone who submits an idea before Tuesday gets downvoted to heck regardless of how good it is, those who submit after Tuesday are subjected to normal voting patterns. It doesn’t really matter what day of the week it is when an idea is submitted, if someone submits at the wrong time it seriously impacts their chances of winning. The only difference with Sunday is, it’s right before the forum gets published.

As far as numbers go, I back that on democratic grounds. if 900 people voted on a sub, a large portion of the Forumwarz user base had their say in an item’s quality. For a sub that only had 20 votes that’s a far smaller number, if the vote tallies are the same consecutive votes and other arbitrary variables due to the timing of the submission shouldn’t be considered, only the raw score and the total votes.

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