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Avatar: 12179 2010-01-24 16:27:57 -0500

[70 Character Story-

Level 35 Troll

You got a smudge there Phin... oh wait thats Trouts feces

All right, I went through all of the wins for the 18th. The bp incentive really hasn’t made folks step up to the plate, it was pretty painful to have to look through them all. That means there’s good news and better news:

The good news: I’ll probably end up keeping a lot of my bp.

The better news: I’ll probably kill myself by day 15.

I didn’t want to kick things off with me keeping a bp, so I’m giving the first day’s bp to…let’s see….Dunatis. For this:

Why do I think it’s the best of the day? Because when I saw it this scene came into my mind: Two police detectives are investigating the vandalism (for some reason). One shakes his head slowly, “Who do you think did this?” he asks.

The other detective crouches down and looks hard at the graffiti. As he takes off his sunglbumes he says, “Someone angry about life…angry about pirates.”

“I’ll check out the docks, you check out that pirate ship ride at the carnival.”

If you don’t like it, I don’t care. HIGH HOPES FOR DAY TWO!

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