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Avatar: Tight Skirt

Level 31 Camwhore




I’ll break this down one post at a time…

MC Banhammer: Next time I make out with a chick, I’ll get you all the pix you want

fine upstanding member of society-male reproductive organ: I’m actually 105, Short Brown Hair, Brown Eyes, 36-24-28, and only partly butch.

Fortunato: 1) Really? If I wanted guys attention online, it’d be easier to say “Here are my titties. You can see them all you want. Here’s also my woman's genitals. You can have it too. It’s easy to violate. Just follow these easy steps to my house! They’re posted on my myspace page!”

I’m a lesbian. For real. Yes, really. Really really. REAAAAALLY really.

...and because I’m sure all of you want to see me,

I go live on cam near-nightly. Mr MC Banhammer Log in to see images!


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