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Avatar: 185837 Sat Jun 27 01:10:56 -0400 2009

Level 35 Troll

“Problem Child IV”

Doesn’t quite explain why P1 can be a bit male reproductive organish from time to time, although the truly mean responses generally lead to an Alignment change. The truth is, if all of P1’s dialog was that of a ceaselessly polite naif, it’d be pretty boring.

The choices that lead to alignment shift are usually blazingly obvious (Ethopian Defecation, anyone?). Even though I have tried pretty hard to keep some of my alts in the “All good” category, there are dialogue choices that are essentially ‘bum response vs bigger bum response’. I have always chocked it up to this being an amusing and rigorously biting commentary of the effect that anonymity has on even the nicest people online at times. Sometimes the only effective response is to be an bum. I am fairly certain that even Mother Theresa would have unleashed a string of profanity while reading /b/ or FYAD.

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