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average mario

Avatar: Corset 2


Level 66 Camwhore

“Venereal Biohazard”

Tarman Posted:

I have 17 defense (with no glbumes). If you go all-out defense in the clbum that has the best defense, then it’s your fault for choosing an awful build. An emo with all their points in defense and ego won’t be able to kill things easily either.

Oh – I agree. You shouldn’t create a build like that. That was kinda my point. Defense just isn’t as good or helpful as it should be.

I’d rather see defense made better so it is worth it to have more as a troll, than to see the stock answer for all three clbumes be “get more offense”. Future higher level forums that hit for more damage might be all that’s necessary to make that happen – dunno.

If we had a forum right now that hit for 60 damage base and took 200 pwnage/thread, I doubt you’d see anyone but trolls trying to spend much time there.

average mario edited this message on 04/10/2008 3:18PM
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