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average mario

Avatar: Corset 2


Level 66 Camwhore

“Venereal Biohazard”

Escher Posted:

That’s not even close to true, though. The Camwhore best attack is 60-65, but has a two-turn refresh rate; second best is 30-35; third best is 23-26. Over three attacks that’s 113 – 126.

A troll’s best attack is 35-40, but has a 1 refresh. Add in a second attack at 20-25, and a troll does 75 – 105 in that three turn period. That isn’t as strong, but it’s certainly not 1/3rd of the Camwhore strength.

Yeah – I did that part in my head, and apparently was tired.

To get a defense of 25, you kinda have to ignore some other stats. I’m not saything that getting your defense that high is a good idea, I just wanted to do the math with it about as high as you might be able to reasonably get it.

I forgot about fap. The math I did quickly in my head bumumed an offense of something like 6 for the trolls, and an effective offense after pump me up of like 16 for camwhores.

Using the 120 vs 90 you gave above, that means 258 vs 125. Add in fap and the troll is 145. Ophilias makes it slighly worse for the trolls.

So maybe 1/2 the damage, but yeah – not 1/3.

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