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Avatar: 80241 Thu Jul 02 20:10:59 -0400 2009

Level 35 Camwhore

I love 12 inch fine upstanding member of society male reproductive organs in my arse

Jalapeno Bootyhole Posted:

Hey Forumwarriorz,

This is Part 3 of an exciting tripartite “Missionbuildr” campaign!

• Part 1: Name that NPC

• Part 2: Slander the Crotch Zombie team

Part 3: Forumbuildr takeover!

So it’s pretty obvious that with this whole “Fran is Fat” thing, next week would be perfect to shoehorn in our special build. The voting has already been wonky, in-jokes are hot right now, and most importantly, the focus is squarely on forumbuildr this week. And, for better or for worse, people who haven’t participated in months have recently made a comeback and might earn themselves some extra submissions to play with.

There will soon be an entry called Battlethreadz Lamebait. It is a meta-version of this very forum! I will post the description below and some vocabulary for you, although the official entry will essentially say “this will be next week’s build, don’t bother to post other ideas” and have a link to this thread.

(Note: The idea will automatically be given a score of 666. While I’m sure plenty of people will attempt to vote it down, rest bumured this is going to be the winning entry!)

This should be a lot of fun and your chance to be part of Forumwarz history, so I hope all of you will participate.

Extended Description: “The forums for the popular online role-playing game Battlethreadz, Lamebait is widely considered the textual equivalent of a root canal with no anesthetic. Moderated by fascists, it’s never quite clear what the rules of engagement are, meaning the majority of the threads eventually degenerate into free-for-all flamefests.

Trolls, Emo Kids, Camwhores, Hackers and Permanoobs will all feel at home in this utter cluster**** of a forum. It doesn’t matter if you’re in General Chatting or ****y Whiners — it all ends up in the Cupboard of Dishonor anyway.”

Thread Topics: Wicked Bbum, fabulous person, Banish Me!

Official Vocabulary: Wicked Bbum, DJ Banstick, Habanero bumcrack, Vomitron 3030, Empire of Disdain (competitor), General Chatting, ****y Whiners, Cupboard of Dishonor, Facebook Mark, Crotch @monster::cap, E-@male reproductive organ::cap™, Supremacy (Balls, Badges), ThreadConstructr, INCIPID, @food_fatty::cap Points

(Can you think of others? Give me your suggestions and I’ll add them to the list!)

What about BP/E-Peen™/extra visits/huge Flezz prizes/a pony?

Not sure yet. We don’t want to promise anything concrete, at least not until we see how things turn out. But we’ll definitely consider bonus prizes if they’re clearly deserved.

We’ll be watching this build closely. Since this is going to be part of Episode 3 for future internet generations to enjoy, we hope you’ll take it seriously too. As with previous community-built storyline forums, we’ll be editing all the entries, so put your best foot forward.

Thanks and have fun! Log in to see images!

cool. should be fun.

Internet Delay Chat
Have fun playing!
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