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Avatar: 168655 2010-06-17 08:35:56 -0400


Level 32 Hacker

“01001000 01000001 01011000”

meeeeeeeeee Posted:

One final feature request to limit player heartache. There should probably be a few items which default to be on the ‘do not sell’ list – particularly books (not caught by the price filter) and high end or rare moar files that sell for     on Kyoubai. As you can only add items which are currently in your inventory, if you switch to another alt and don’t add any new ones that weren’t on your list already, you may sell the item you actually want to keep.

Books? Didn’t knew sth like that exists on fwz..

I don’t like the idea with default excluded files

Maybe just store settings separately for each alt?

Adapt Posted:

it would be really cool if it selected the moars and the other equips separately

Impossible, as there’s know criteria to determine which of them it is. Even Kyoubai lists all as ‘Equippables’

Could be eventually done if my script could access some list of all Pure-Equippables, updated whenever a new item appears.

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