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Avatar: 15443 2010-04-04 18:27:25 -0400


Level 35 Troll

Sneakily vicious and filled with virtuous pit bulls.

livinskull Posted:

If the problem really is recalculating the total value, I can’t change anything, cause that’s still done by the site itself -.-

Don’t have that much Items to test, though…

Maybe you should try latest Firefox, if you don’t already have, they speed up Javascript things quite nicely^^

And about those .moar files… I also did an ‘Extract All .moars’ but seems it has gone broken, fixed some things yet, but again, not enough .moar-pieces to test -.-

Firefox 3.5.2. I was hoping the Javascript update would make a difference, but it hasn’t. The only reason I notice now is I’d given up trying to deal with moar files altogether. This is on a new PC – twice as fast as my last one, and now taking only 2 seconds to select an item rather than 4 (i.e. still beyond stupid)

Your script takes out alot of the tedium, but I still get a prompt that it’s taking too long to process. So I’ve been running Firefox in the background while it’s locked up for 5 minutes at a time, selecting each item in turn. Chrome/Chromium don’t have the same problems with selecting items.

I’ve got plenty of alts with huge stacks of moar files to test any auto extract script if you’re interested.

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