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Avatar: 79062 Sat Nov 22 20:06:28 -0500 2008

Level 69 Camwhore

“Venereal Biohazard”

Dunatis Posted:

Reserving second spot, I wants me some BP and dammit those 2 years working at the Funky Pickle Pizza Company will finally help me out!

Time to make Pizza with Dunatis!

Step 1 – Sauce and a layer of cheese, I use slices rather than shavings. They’re faster, less messy and works just as well

Step 2 – A generous layer of peppers, red, yellow and orange. They taste great on pizza and make it better for you dammit!

Step 3 – 100g of thin shaved garlic roast beef, vegetarian pizzas might be the best at most pizza places, but they don’t use garlic roast beef.

Step 4 – A layer of mushrooms and sweet dill pickles. Garlic pickles are gross but the sweet kind mellow out a bit and add some zing.

Step 5 – A layer of onions and black olives. Pizza places will tell you to put the onions at the bottom so they don’t burn, but I’m not skimping on the ingredients like they do.

Step 6 – A nice coating of Italian style Feta cheese. But this stuff doesn’t melt and will make a mess so…

Step 7 – A final layer of cheese to coat the whole damn thing. Slices again but they will spread to cover the whole pizza.

Now that’s a thick Pizza!

Fresh from the oven

Nice and Gooey

Can’t forget something to drink! A fruit smoothie with 8 kinds of fruit, vanilla ice cream and peach juice.

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Time for dinner!!!

And then my gf only wants mushrooms, olives and cheese on hers… No taste I say!

That’s a nice pizza and all sweetie but I don’t think that first image quite counts for the contest. You’ll probably have to try again Log in to see images!

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