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Avatar: 185740 Sun Jul 26 20:51:42 -0400 2009

[Everyday Regular N-
ormal Klan

Level 31 Troll


Skyman747 Posted:

Because she did **** like try to get Chawin b&. Plus she’s from Africa, which means she probably has AIDS

ok…once and for all…gonna drop the RP completely and just say…

nevar did try to get ne1 banned. just thought user was subject to toxx for bidding in CD. it was an honest mistake, and once i realised that it wasn’t true i stopped interacting w/ him atall.

That said, if you want me to be the target of your poisonous bile, go ahead. You see, i have ep. 2 now, so i only have to post inna flamebate when im drunk and/or bored! Log in to see images! It’s fun watching you guys unload.

P.S. ty falcon…you seem quite nice

TROLLS: we eat billy goats and INNOCENCE

1337xxxxxxxxxlolololololololololxxxxxxxxx1337 Posted:

uggghg. ****ingstop posting

ur a dusty lemin cough drop thats fallen under teh desk for 3 montsh cuz the cleaning crews too lazy to vacuum properly since they spent half their shifts smokin up by the dumpster

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