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Welcome to Designers’ Stadium!

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My long dream has come true: a topic icon battle. Here, in this stadium, combatants will compete for the ultimate title of…

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If you are willing to step up to this challenge, your task is to create up to three 60x15 pixel topic icons for use in Flamebate in this thread. Post each one in its own post. You do not have to post them all at once. You have until this Friday, August 14th at 2pm EST to make your final submissions. See this thread for more details.

Participants and bystanders should upvote the icons they find outstanding and downvote the icons that lack artistic merit or interest. While these votes will not solely determine the winner, they will help us get a sense of what the community likes.

As a reminder:

1st Place: Unique Iron Designer E-Peen and 5 Brownie Points

2nd Place: 3 Brownie Points and Design Guyz E-Peen

3rd Place: 1 Brownie Point and Design Guyz E-Peen

Any others who do not place but whose icons are used will receive the Design Guyz E-Peen.

And Now…

Allez design!

Log in to see images! Iron Designer edited this message on 08/10/2009 1:39AM

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