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Avatar: 72902 2010-02-03 18:45:17 -0500

[Grey Goose Mafiosi]

Level 51 Troll


At the far end of flamebait

where the ancient spam sits

and even the quality posts

are loaded with ****

and no cool things are posted

excepting nice mammary glands

Is the street of the edited LeetLol

And deep in the spam,

some posters say

if you look far enough

you can still see, today

where LeetLol once stood

Just as long as it could

Before someone edited LeetLol Away

What was the leetlol?

and why was it there?

and why was it edited and pasted somewhere?

From the far end of flaimbait

where the ancient spam sits

Old Evil Trout still posts there

Ask him about it.

You won’t see Evil Trout.

Don’t emptyquote his post.

He stays on his server,

the “Crotch Zombie” host

He stays on his server

on his private klan

where he makes his own forum

out of mathematical plans

And on special slow code days

in august

he clicks out of his forum

and sometimes, he posts

and he tells how the LeetLol

was edited away

He’ll tell you, perhaps

if you’re willing to pay

AT the end of his thread

he posts you a link

and you have to donate

five BP and a drink

and an illustration of

furry porn of a great great

grandmother skink

Then he follows the link

to his paypal account

to see if you’ve paid him

the proper amount


Up fwashes the IDC interface

to your eyes

and old Evil Trout’s musings

are slowly reprised

they can’t come quickly

for IDC’s fried

and creeps and crawls as

the old server sighs

since he clogs it up with

porn of guys on guys.

Now I’ll tell you, he writes

with his post color gray,

how the LeetLol got edited

and removed away

It all started way back,

such a long, long time back

Way back in the days when the internet was hot

the links were all good

and full of content

and the flames of TSB kept fabulous persons enraged

One morning I came to this homo-free page

and I first saw the posts!

The flamebait posts

the humor filled fun of the

flamebait posts!

Page after page on the

server and host.

And next to the posts I saw

klan SRSLY

romping about with their

dedicated RP

as they played in the forum

and gave us all glee

from the secret clan forum

came the horrible flock

of **** YOU posters posting

the most hideous shock

but the posts! Those posts!

Those flamebait posts!

All my life I’d been searching for posts

with humor foremost

Their clever language

was more fiendish than satan

and they had content

that flowed unabated

I felt a great leaping

of joy in my heart!

I knew just what I’d do

A forum I’d start

In no time at all,

I had built a small game

then I spammed out an ad

for my game that was lame

and with great skillful skill

and with great thoughtful thought,

The poster who posted, I

banned him for toxx

The instant I did it, I saw


I looked and I saw something come from the profile

of the poster I’d banned

it was sort of a man

describe him? that’s hard. I don’t know if I can.

He was shortish and goofy

and spammy and loopy

and he typed with a style

that was direct yet droopy

EVIL TROUT he typed while my brain popped like a toaster

I AM LEET LOL and I speak for the posters

I speak for the posters for they have no content

and I’m asking you sir, with font at 200%

he was very upset as he plotted and planned,

who was that poster you recently banned?

Look, Leet lol, I said, there’s no cause to complain

when rules get put in place that’s a common refrain.

They’re really quite helpful. This rule is called BOLDCAPS

BOLDCAP’S a thing that everyone hates!

It’s annoying! It’s deliberate! It’s malicious! It trolls!

But it has other uses, yes far beyond those!

You can spam up the forums, tubmail, your stall

take its virginity, or post to them all!

This rule will benefit everyone, posters great and small!

Leetlol said Sir! You are crazy with gay

there is no homo on earth

who also thinks that way.

But the very next minute I proved he was jive

for just at that minute came NOOB65

and he thought the rule that I made was fantastic

I made him a mod and his enforcement was drastic

I repeat! Cried leetlol,

I speak for the posters!

I’m busy, I told him

my Xbox is calling, go write about toasters

I surfed forth on the web and I wrote all my friends

searched my old e-mails and combed all the dead ends

I wrote jalapeno bootyhole

and the other other hole

and timmeh and abdulla

and said come quickly bros

we’ll make a great forum

with dozens of rules

if need be we’ll change them

we’re nobody’s fools

I’ll make you accounts

and we’ll begin to accrue

and in no time at all

in the game that I made

my posters were spending

the browniepoints (pre-paid)

we were all making rules

that affect non-RP hosters

then spamming up RP

and banning the posters

Then OH! BABY! OH!

just like to baby****

my erection did grow

Now banning one poster

at a time was too slow!

So I quickly invited my second mod Tubs

Who banned four posters

like he beat them with clubs

We were making rules twice as fast as before

and the leetlol? he didn’t show up any more.

But the next week he posted in my new wiki spoiler

He snapped I’m the LeetLol who speaks for the posters

which you seem to be banning, which is not to boast

But I’m also in charge of klan SRSLY

who played on the forums in dedicated RP

and happily posted, with carefree glee

NOW thanks to your banning my friends all around

No clever response to RP can be found

And my poor friends klan SRSLY are all getting antsy

without any trolling from their permabanned PANTSy

They loved posting here, but I can’t let them stay

They need good posting and I hope that they may.

Good luck boys and girls, and I send them away.

Here I, Evil Trout, felt sad, as I watched them all go

but a forum’s a forum, and a forum must grow

Regardless of good posting in forums, you know.

I meant no harm, I most truly did not

But I had to grow bigger. So bigger I got.

I biggered my forum. I biggered my game.

I biggered my moderators. I biggered the flames

of the posts that I banned. I was banning them all

From Brainfreeze! Full of Sbum! GGM! And Wechall!

I went right on biggering…selling more BPs.

And I biggered my money, which everyone needs.

Then again he came back! I was stroking my male reproductive organ

When that old nuisance Leetlol came back with a stick

I AM THE LEETLOL he swung it with anger

This banstick you’ve got is a really huge danger

Evil Trout! He typed through a haze of **** posts

Evil Trout! Your laws are the most

inconvenient, despicable, arbitrary and cruel

My poor TSB, they ran from your rules

None can post good posts during a ban from the host

And SO, said the leet lool, please pardon their dust

they’ll no longer post here; their flaming would rust.

Where will they go? I don’t hopefully know.

They may have to troll for a month, or a year,

to escape from the rules you’ve spammed up around here.

What’s more, snapped the LeetLol (his dander was up)

let me say a few words about this anonymous stuff

The **** posts are keeping **** YOU from the air

who can post shock with anon crap everywhere?

So I’m sending them off, their future is dreary

their hard drives will empty, they’ll get very weary

in search of a forum with shock free (in theory)

And then I got mad

I got terribly mad

I yelled at the LeetLol

Now listen here, Dad!

All you do is yap-yap and say,

Bad! Bad! Bad! Bad!

Well I have this site, sir,

and I’m telling you

I intend to go on doing just what I do!

And for your information Leetlol, I’m figgering

on biggering

and Biggering



turning MORE and more rules into creeds

which all forums everywhere, EVERYWHERE need!

And at that very moment,

a sound like a can of rocks

the last truly great poster just got banned for toxx

His name had been FAIL

he’d had no remorse

our beaten down mods had had no recourse

All posters were lame, no more game

no more work to be done.

All other posters complained that the place was no fun

They jumped ship to ****holes superiour to ours

and posted about rainbows, light and stars

Now all that was left on my now empty forum

was my quote pasted reply

the leet lol,

and I

The leetlol said nothing,

just gave me a post

a very sad, backhanded

reply of a post

as he edited himself

so his post was a ghost

and I’ll never forget the grim look on his stall

covered with spam and crap beyond recall

after editing himself for a last time and all.

Then all the leetlol left here in this mess

was an edited post with one word…


Whatever that meant, well, I just couldn’t guess

That was long, long ago.

But each day since that day

I’ve sat here and worried

and worried away.

Through the years, while my forums

have fallen apart,

I’ve worried about it

with all of my heart.

But now, says Evil Trout,

Now that you’re here,

the word of the LeetLol seems perfectly clear.

UNLESS someone like you

cares a whole awful lot,

nothing is going to get better.

It’s not.


Catch! calls Evil Trout.

He lets something fall.

It’s a very good thread.

It’s the last one of all!

You’re in charge of the last of the good threads.

And good threads are what everyone needs.

Start a great thread, Treat it with care.

Give it good grammar. Keep replies all fair.

Form a forum. Protect it from Spammers that spam

Then the Leetlol

and all of his friends

may come back.

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