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ZomBiggie Sm-

Avatar: 186903 Fri Jun 19 15:58:57 -0400 2009

Level 24 Troll

Life After Death

ZomBiggie Smalls Posted:

ok yall heres tha dirt on dis ****

seems like alt revealin’ iz in tha air so i thought to myself, i thought “yo #1 mac EmCee B.I.G.”



n then im like “yo whats up my bad fine upstanding member of society self”



then i sez “since im such a badbum contest emcee, what if we (zpac n me) make a contest to figure out who we iz”


n so den im like “yeah hellz yeh, knaw mean?”


SO YEAH. dis contest is fo figurin out who we iz. first person to guess both of us right gets 1 whole BP. so start tha guessin!

(By the way, mods, admins, and the one or two players who already know, you’re not allowed to compete. Sorry.)

toxx dis alt reveal

make dis **** fo real

1 BP fo a guess is a big ****in’ deal

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