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Avatar: Denim Skirt

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I try to make an effort to not have him be a serial killer

Lots of hugs and stuff

You know, reading everything you are trying to accomplish with your son, I am reminded of a quote that I learned in High School that I feel is very true:

We are the people that our parents warned us about.

The more that you emphasize a specific behavior, the more mystique that it holds for a child as they grow older, more independant, and more rebellious. This doesn’t mean that it’s a guaranteed behavior mold, but rather that it will lead the child to pay more attention to the forbidden behavior as they grow older, and familiarity tends to breed contentment or attractiveness.

Instead of trying to mold your child’s behavior, you should show your child acceptance of their behaviors, and correct when the child does something dangerous (socially, physically, or mentally). Let your son grow into his own person, let him play, let him find himself. Stop him from throwing the poor kitty (again, correcting dangerous behavior) but let him play with the dolls.

Oh yeah, and you give him lots of hugs but don’t expect him to grow a curiosity and fondness for boobies why????

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