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Avatar: 4300 2011-11-01 00:56:47 -0400

[The Scrotal Safety-

Level 69 Troll

Good poster, upvoted. Also loves juicy balls (no homo).

BINGEBOT 2015 Posted:

– Remove all ridiculous Raiding rules (raid only every 60 hours, raid group size limit, no alts allowed in raid, etc)


BINGEBOT 2015 Posted:

– Add a daily scoop earning limit of X (X = 200?)

– Add a weekly scoop earning limit of X (X = 1000?)

– You can’t earn scoops in the last 24 hours of Domination

What Malaise said in the alt-fail up there.

BINGEBOT 2015 Posted:

– Pistachio scoops revamp (change the way streaks work)

– Remove Antifreeze limit

bumuming the above limits go in and they’re somewhat attainable without pistachio, I don’t see why you’d revamp the system. “Unlimited antifreeze” is fine as long as there’s still some cap, somewhere.

BINGEBOT 2015 Posted:

– Martyr 3 times should yield 8 scoops instead of 1

When you martyr, you’re still losing out on your pistachio streak and possible lemons. Unless this game becomes exponentially harder, where no one knows if they’ll be able to pwn a forum or not, martyrdom would never be worth it.

Ricket edited this message on 07/07/2009 6:19PM
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