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Lucky Fort

Avatar: 166242 Sun Mar 22 21:24:17 -0400 2009

[Backdoor Amigos]

Level 1 Re-Re

So, here’s the thing. People are complaining that I have an unfair advantage, but if you look at the scores and the post voting, I’m getting slammed and Damion’s dominating. Now this is for a pretty obvious reason. Those two that I submitted in that thread are genuine article freestyles; I sat down with my beat and actually came up with **** off the top of my head, sometimes it rhymed well, sometimes it, well, didn’t. Damion’s all rhyme perfectly. Until Damion presses submit, his rhymes aren’t committed to anything, and there’s no way to track it. Not that I’m suggesting he sat down with a rhyming dictionary or anything, but typing **** out and hitting submit is easier than sitting down in front of a mic, hitting record, and committing to what comes out. If I wrote **** down, my flow would be better, but I’m not writing anything down.

Judging by post score alone, I’m likely to lose to Damion, which means no more live **** from me. So, don’t complain. My gutsy decision is going to rank me out in the first round.

So count me among the bumhurt, but certainly don’t accuse me of having an unfair advantage.

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