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ZPac Shakorp-

Avatar: 186901 Fri Jun 19 15:42:40 -0400 2009

[Harem and Sushi Bar]

Level 31 Camwhore

Tell the homies I'm in heaven and they ain't got hoods

Listen up, dawgz and ****ez: It’s time to start dis here party, ya feel me?

We got our thugs lined up tight, so we need to lay down some rulez on yo’ punk bumes.

1. Each throwdown will have its own muf****in’ thread. The head fine upstanding member of society in charge (that be ZomBiggie or myself) will let y’all know which playa is ta step up first. Both fine upstanding member of societyz need to bust they **** at least two times, one after tha other, and they got 3 dayz ta do it.

2. Bring whateva no-holds-barred lyrics y’all wanna bring, but think yo’ **** through, cause there ain’t no editin’ in a freestyle battle, beeyatch. Thas right ho, you edit yo’ **** it’ll disappear fasta than that ****in’ punk Jimmy Hoffa, dawg.

3. Yo’ post can be text, but we also love that audio/video ****. Long as it’s off the top of the dome and ****, you can record y’all rhymes. Don’t hold back, impress our zombified black bumes!

4. Plagiarism’s for pussies ‘n haters, yo, so don’t test it or we’ll catch ya. Y’all can count on it.

5. All y’all gangstas watchin’, best win/fail they bumes, cause when the dust settles, that win/fail **** counts fo’ one vote. My fine upstanding member of society ZomBiggie an’ myself’ll throw in one vote each, then we name the top ridah fo’ that battle. Thas’ tha fine upstanding member of society that moves on to round two.


‘Nuff bull****, here’s da soldiers gonna be puttin’ it down in round one:

Cheins Sanchez vs swine

UnstoppableChan vs CelerySteve

baou30 vs AAHZ

Ormgalla vs FAIL

Fortunato vs Damion

d4 vs Bong-Hitz

Lament vs Chawin

Deific Blunder vs kittiejenn


Yo’ threads’ll be up soon, hustlaz.

The ghetto warfare starts now. Feel it!

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