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Avatar: 36735 2015-06-13 23:04:37 -0400

[Full of SbumSS]

Level 25 Re-Re

Head of the Ministry of Man bumes

dis is no guarantee

that you in, y’see

cuz Zpac ‘n me, we

gots to know, is yo flow

good to go

or was you jes frontin’

like some ****-bum ho

ZomBiggie you aight, so I’ll just let you know

I’ve gotten ****es pregnant off my potent sexy flow

If you let me in yo contest be prepared to get rocked

I’ll dominate these scrubs while their moms are getting male reproductive organed

My rhymes hit so hard they’ll **** up yo ****

People call me Charizard for the fire that I spit

I just killed it with pokemon but I aint no nerd

I drank too much last night so my vision is still blurred

I racked up a tab that would give broke fine upstanding member of societys chills

It ain’t nothin to me dawg, I got skills to pay the bills

Money out the bum, I pretty much **** stacks

I’m on a yacht with the whites, you on the streets with the blacks


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