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Avatar: 185528 Mon Jun 15 13:50:11 -0400 2009


Level 14 Hacker

“Packet Sniffer ”

just enlisted for my debut~im finnaly back/

double fisted when i hit u~pack a nine and a mack/

easily defeat you with nothing more then a minor attack/

ya’ll lookin stuck like turtles when they flipped on there back/

all these ryhmes are bad -in fact i find them sickening/

and im still not done yet-the plot is only thickening/

So listen close and take notes you can learn from a veteran/

Every word played like the third grade using little league lettering/

if you get a chance to see this im sure you’ll be typen~4~hours/

Brainstorming with a notebook of rhymes and a pipe~a’dem~flowers/

Its been 6 years since i net rapped i guess i like the exposure/

Since i won this **** in 6 bars i best just say goodnight as the closer/

Bong-Hitz edited this message on 06/20/2009 9:32PM
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