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Level 18 Hacker

“Buffer Overflower”

But why don’t put a game limit for every object insted of pulling it till abuse? I mean.. I dunno what you should do with java/c++ whatever you use, but if you set, for example, that an object can’t be sold in kyoubai for more than the 10% of his established price, this will prevent any abuse, and the auction, instead of closing for abuse, would stop to that price, the auctioneer would take fleez and the other player would take the object..

Only 1 real problem about this.. Once everybody learn how to handle it, players with more money will own the auctions, just bidding always the higher amount.. But the problem of abusing would be solved..

Another suggestion (always linked to the problem about owning the auctions) would be to put a limit in buying objects too low for your lvl.. Ok this is harder just because you need to create smth like “objects levels” btw would be a solution.. Or instead of levels, just put restriction that links “level of player” to “value of object”; i.e. a player of level XX can’t bid on objects which value is less or equal to XXXX..

Anyway take it easy, just some thoughts..

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