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Avatar: 183276 Sun May 31 19:53:42 -0400 2009

Level 35 Emo Kid

“Cutty Cutterson”

It didn’t look like anyone had posted about this yet, and at risk of being trolled, I was actually wondering, what are your thoughts on the decision in California and generally same-sex marriage rights?

Personally, I think the decision they made in CA is just plain silly – so it’s illegal for same sex couples to get married now, but it was fine when the other people did it before Prop 8, and it’s a protection of people’s right to equal protection under the law to say that two legally indistinguishable relationships would have different rights? I’m not even sure how that makes sense, and I really can’t see how this makes either side happy. If you’re one of those “homosexuality is an abomination” people, wouldn’t having thousands of legal gay marriages still **** you off? And clearly it’s no win for those who support equality…

As for the general subject, I’m obviously very pro-gay-marriage… I see no reason why two consenting adults shouldn’t be able to have the exact same rights as two other consenting adults. The way I see it, telling someone they can’t do something solely because he is a man or because she is a woman – in any other context, that’s discrimination. I don’t see why it is not also discrimination in marriage. That being said, I think the original concept of marriage is somewhat obsolete, and that the state should divorce itself somewhat (pun intended) from the concept of marriage as it is portrayed in any religion or religious text, in order to greater emphasize the separation of Church and State.

So yeah. I know this is contentious and I fully expect people to disagree. But I would also like to contribute something to this forum, so here’s my first attempt? Please do be civil, though, as that little bar on top says.

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