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Avatar: 64129 Thu Oct 16 17:05:30 -0400 2008

[Haxxorz Hell]

Level 33 Hacker

This Stays On The Internet

Fanfic time!

The End of The Internet - Part I

As part of another wonderful contest, AtomicScripter 
has once again come very close to destroying all of the 
internet, and therefore, humanity. Rabid internet users
spam Flamebate with endless nonsense resulting in OVER
9000 posts on a thread no one cares about. Thus, 
AtomicScripter, after causing the undebatable end of 
the current world, gets on an airplane to India where 
he will be safe from the destruction, as India has no 

The trip is long and perilous, as the flight crew has
run out of peanuts. It appears all is over for our 
friend AtomicScripter; but wait! What is he doing?! 
AtomicScripter presses the maid bumon above his chair,
and requests an a la carte tray! How ingenius!

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