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Avatar: WetSocket's Avatar

Level 10 Emo Kid

“Gloomy Gus”

Has anyone done the math for Emo damage? Does it scale linearly with % remaining Ego or is it some other function? Also, are offense modifiers multiplied by the Emo bonus or simply added.

Example: Let’s bumume linear Emo damage.

Therefore -X% ego = +AX% Offense

Using the above data:

+14 offense = +100% offense bonus

Let’s bumume an attack of B damage is used

If both offenses modifers are added (most likely the case) then the increase is:

B*(2+A/100)= 2B + BA/100 damage.


Are they multiplied, in the case of one modifier affecting another:

(B * 2)*(1+A/100) = 2B + BA/50 damage.

This should be fairly simple to figure out with some number crunching. I highly feel it is the top case where the modifiers are added together, however, the actual scalar(A ) is yet unknown (anyone correct me on that?). A safe bumumption however is that the scalar lies between .5-1.5 simply for balance reasons.

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