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Avatar: DOPE-HARDCORE-0's Avatar

[Team Shortbus]

Level 37 Troll

ALSO A male reproductive organSUCKING ****WAD

So, the Hacker is supposed to be a master of all things computer and code. But, all that currently translates to is lame attacks and nothing truly interesting (sure the attacks are different visually, but…Log in to see images!. How about, and I know this sounds crazy, we enable them to use their 1337 5ki11z for something good for both themselves and the economy: compiling new Program Files.

Here’s how it could work:

1) Hacker takes X amount of program files (More files, greater success chance)

2) Hacker expends one forum visit to attempt coding a new file, consuming the existing moar files (dissecting them with cut and paste for usable code, if you need a thematic explanation)

3) Math occurs:

a) More moar files improves chances

b) Higher level improves chances

c) Luck (which in real life can be bad or good) can improve or hinder chances, with higher luck allowing more extreme values on both ends

d) Stats are randomly generated, but perhaps are influenced by moar file. Better quality moars helps select mods and influences them, perhaps

4) The new program file is ready for use or (drum roll) sale!

This could compliment the itembuildr generation system, and maybe use our existing wordtypes in combination with a Dwarf Fortress style name generator to create new moar files. (No, I don’t currently have a good idea for figuring out the description/picture, but the pic could be random from the database (or at least thematically close to the random name)...)

:::::WAIT, THERE’S MORE?:::::

This system could be used by other clbumes:

Camwhores could make movies (obvious thematic explanation), Trolls could make pictures (photoshopping male reproductive organs into things), Emos could make music (to reflect their sad souls), and Permanoobs could make dogreat timesents (Their abandoned, thesis dissertations, etc.)

So, yeah.

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