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Okay, here’s what we know:


Your Offense level modifies how much damage you do with any single attack. When you attack a forum, the program generates a random number based on the range of the attack. For example, if you Flirt, it will come up with a number between 6 and 10. After that number is generated, a percentage bonus will be added based on your Offense level as follows:

Offense Modifier      Offense Modifier       Offense Modifier
   1       0%            9      62%             17     123%
   2       8%           10      69%             18     131%
   3      16%           11      77%             19     138%
   4      23%           12      85%             20     146%
   5      31%           13      92%             21     154%
   6      39%           14     100%             22     161%
   7      46%           15     108%             23     169%
   8      54%           16     115%             24     177%

Once that percentage is added, the damage is rounded “normally” – that is, up if the fraction is .5 or higher, rounded down otherwise. So a Flirt attack that was randomly determined to do 8 damage would do 15 damage at Offense level 12. (8 + (8*.85)) = (8 + 6.8) = 14.8 rounded up to 15.


(Thanks to average mario for figuring this out!)

Defense works the same way as Offense, but in reverse. Each forum has a range of damage it can do, and when that forum successfully attacks you, a random number is generated within that range. For every level of Defense you have, that number is reduced by 1% and then is rounded normally to determine true damage done.

According to the Spoilerpedia, Defense also raises the chance that the enemy forum will miss when it attacks you. Based on the data we have, that seems to be true, but we haven’t been able to figure out the formula behind it. Best guesstimate so far is that each level of Defense adds roughly 1.5% to your chance of being missed.

Escher edited this message on 03/28/2008 3:38PM
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