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Samildanach Posted:

This game is not the most newb-friendly thing on earth.

Actually, it’s a lot more friendly than it looks at first. Check out the “How to Play” link down at that bottom of the main page. I’ll link you to an overview of the game (3 versions: full, short, and super short) as well as a quick and dirty guide to completing your first season. Your number one resource, however, will always be the other players. Most villages are willing to help answer any questions that you may have regarding the game when you’re new (as it benefits them by turning you into a more productive villager). If you’re unlucky enough to be stuck in a crappy village that ignores you and you can’t find an answer in the wiki (link in the OP under Player Resources) then you’re more than welcome to post your questions here, which serves the dual purpose of getting your question answered and bumping the contest (I would also recommend finding a new village at this point).

And while I’m talking about villages, I’m perfectly fine with you established players attempting to recruit contestants into your villages as long as you are willing to take on the responsibility of helping them when they have questions about the game.

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