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Avatar: Abstract Blue Circle

Level 21 Hacker

“Buffer Overflower”

Updates (AKA: Stuff I forgot to Mention in the OP):

    Log in to see images! It’s alright if you post your sig before you reach Chunin rank. It will update every day as you play, which will allow me to keep track of the eligible contestants.

    Log in to see images! Don’t panic if you have an odd ammount of stamina remaining at the end of the day. If you’re playing normally, you’ll be fine. Problems with being marked inactive will really only arise if you leave lots of stamina unspent.

    Log in to see images! Prize 1 – 3BP: goldensevenfold

    Log in to see images! Prize 2 – 4BP: Miss Prince

    Log in to see images! Prize 3 – 5BP: Kooler221

    Log in to see images!

    As of right now, every three people that you get to join this contest that reach Chunin will earn you 1BP (limit 10BP awarded this way… for now). All you have to do is get someone to participate normally with one additional step. In the same post that they are displaying their sig, have them place a message saying who got them to join. Prizes for this side contest will be distributed at the end of the main contest or when we reach 50 referral points, whichever comes sooner. Participation in this side contest is open to both the new players and the couple of established players that have been lurking this thread.

    Note that participation in this side contest will not affect your chances to win prizes from the main contest in any way other than being more likely to reach the next prize level.

    starwindlancer edited this message on 05/19/2009 10:04AM
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