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Avatar: Jimmy the Re-Re


Level 9 Re-Re

Vote for me as Top Male Model because I'm the cute underdog

baou30 Posted:

I must admit, at first I was all ape nuts about DOLDOE, but after seeing this picture I was kind of Log in to see images!.

What’s with the hand + hip thing? ALSO, his face looks like it’s stuffed with marshmallows.

I’d go on, but this isn’t my thread. Log in to see images!

Log in to see images!

Marshmellows? I friggin’ love marshmellows!! Infact, I think I’ll have some right now! Well, after I finish murdering this chick and skinning her cat’s face of course.

Also, to the great timesdumpsters that find my marshmellow cheeks attractive, I’d rather have you guys on my side than be the owner of a funny thread making fun of people in a camwhore contest.

Also +3 internets to this thread due to it being in the spirit of the website.

In all honesty though, I need to finish tormenting this murder victim’s cat.

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