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meeeeeeeeee Posted:

This games economy has now suffered 4 months of neglect since the introduction of Kyoubai, at the end of which, through complacency and poor planning, ET hands a tiny minority of players the ability to increase their flezz pile by magnitudes.

People had more of a warning about Master Balls than we got about the reduction of junk prices. Anyone who was letting junk pile up in their inventory lost Flezz proportionate to the amount of junk they had, with no warning or consideration of reparations. All we got was ‘You should have been selling your junk. You were probably trying to cheat the system somehow.’

But, this time it matters, because instead of only a few people getting hurt, only a few people were benefited, which I guess translates into most people getting hurt, if you want to think about it that way.

If that needs to be fixed, then everyone who lost Flezz due to the two unannounced junk price drops should also be compensated for the loss. If those people (which included me) need to deal with the loss, so does everyone else when it happens to them.

If we want to talk about Flezz sinks, ET should be doing more ‘Special Auctions’, along the lines of custom ePeen and other non-Equipment items. Now that we have itembuildr, we have a few special items coming into the system, so the Special Items would need to be much more special than they used to be. More headsets would be a good way to judge the interest and the amount of Flezz people would sink into that, so that other Special items could be properly judged. A Special Item not based on Offense or Defense might go for a lot, though.

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