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Avatar: Baby Typing

Level 25 Permanoob


Slipping back in.

Apparently you were right, whoever-you-are. CutiePie12xo is an old guy, sorry about that.

’’‘CutiePie12xo’’’: An old man disguising himself (poorly) as a young girl. You must cyber with him in order to receive a blurry photo of him covered in bread crumbs and egg whites (oddly enough the exact kind Futanari-Moe wanted). He, like Futinari-Moe, also makes random appearances throughout the ForumWarz storyline.

Also, more material…

* ’’‘Fr4gGingR1teZ’’’: A self-proclaimed “best gamer of the world”, who comes asking for your help in the text-based game, [[Trapped in the Cupboard]]. He begins very egocentric, bragging about his achievements. Once you complete the mission, he reveals that you are ‘his only friend’ and asks you to be his friend, complete with sending a friend request.

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