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Avatar: Baby Typing

Level 25 Permanoob


Back in the game.

Ye Olde Page Posted:

’’’CutiePie12xo’’’: A older man disguising himself (poorly) as a young girl. You must cyber with him in order to fulfill another characters mission. He, like Futinari-Moe, also makes random appearances throughout the ForumWarz storyline.

Are you certain? I recall CutiePie asking for your a/s/l, you see the avatar, say you’re female, she tells you to come back when you’re a man, comma, and you call her again telling her you’re a guy. When you ask her why she has an avatar of an old guy she tells you it’s her late grandfather. I’m changing this thing but let me know if I’m wrong. Also, I remember her being young but not 12. Anyone know how old she said she was?

New Age TechnoText Posted:

’’’CutiePie12xo’’’: A young girl with the avatar of her late grandfather. She gives you a blurry photo of her covered in bread crumbs and egg whites (oddly enough the exact kind Futanari-Moe wanted) if you successfully turn her on through answering her questions. She, like Futinari-Moe, also makes random appearances throughout the ForumWarz storyline.

’’’Opheliamammary glandsupp’’’: Internet Poet (Presumably an Emo Kid) Introduced to you by Krystl_crackr late in Episode 1. She and her lover RockStarGrrl69, are forbidden from their romance due to their respective interests, so she asks you stop the quarreling. Upon doing so, you are rewarded with a powerful attack only available through helping her.

Nothing to see here…

’’‘Yuriko-chan’’’: A female presumedly of asian descent. Futanari-moe gives you her contact after you accept the mission. You eventually ask her about bread crumbs or egg whites in an unsubtle attempt to get her to take the photo, to which she finds out you’re working for Futanari and promptly blocks you.

+1 (Very) Minor Character

I’m out.

SplodgeMonkey edited this message on 04/19/2009 6:59AM
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